Consistency Plan

Consistency Plan is a series of six images produced by photographer Alecio Ferrari in the context of a home-exercise during spring 2020.

The intimate practice that Alecio set up in his quarantine time in Milan, took the shape of a challenge in abstracting the surrounding shapes, following an anti-taxonomic approach in investigating objects while embracing at the same time a more emotional one, and this eventually gave form to a very figurative output.

The pictures by Alecio Ferrari and the illustrations by Chiali take therefore the form of a unique body of work in which not only the collaborative practice is set, but also where an eye on the ordinary can make it become extraordinary.

An alter-reality that, by interpretative manipulation, is transformed into infinitely combinable totems.

This visual story originates from a conversation with art directors Giulia Rosa Valenti and Federico Calavieri (OCH Studio) and results in a work with graphic design and editorial concept by Edoardo Chiaraluce – who also signs the illustrations as Chiali – and texts by Elisabetta Donati de Conti.