Lonely Boys

In the months of March to May 2018, I wanted to become closer to the Other Castaways, to get to know them better.

The weather was improving, it was still pretty cold but gloves were no longer essential. It was becoming easier to hang out together outside.

The beach was the perfect spot to meet up with the boys, we often went there as we knew it was important to never lose sight of the horizon. 

We didn’t speak that much, and we had to sit quite close to prevent the wind from drowning out our voices. The wind constantly blows, so much so that all the belongings I arrived with gradually flew away across the beach.

The land, it changes quite significantly from one stretch to the next. No two places share the same climate, and no one person experiences the same climate for too long.

There is an abundance of tropical plants. As I made my way to see the first of the Other Castaways, I found myself crossing some sort of subtropical forest. The route was dark and gloomy from the vegetation, and only a few of the photos I took there are actually visible. 

The photography equipment I used was part of my own survival strategy. 

The Castaway’s equipment belongs to each boy’s past: the objects came here with their owners and we assign to our object a unique purpose. We make the most of our equipment to survive alone on this land.

My equipment, in the past, had a different purpose: it was the perfect pretext to approach people. 

Here there is nobody to approach, nobody to take pictures of, I am alone for the first time. 

I have collected 3587 pictures of plants. I’m starting to get bored. 

I am going to take my equipment and to look for the boys. 

Words by Veronica Poggi.

Photographs realized in 2018 in Falmouth, UK.